Friday, October 27, 2006

Eclipse turns 5 talk

As we are approaching the 5th birthday of Eclipse I am preparing a talk that I will hold at the IBM Germany lab on the 14th of November.

I am planing to give a brief overview of the steps Eclipse has taken in those 5 years and then talk about where we are now, giving a rough tour through Callisto. Is anyone giving similar presentations and interested to share slides and ideas ?

I have just downloaded and installed Eclipse 1 which I havent touched for the last 3 years or so. Its amazing how used you can get to those nice features provided in Eclipse 2 and 3. I was typing sysout and pressing ctrl+space and nothing happend :)

I took 2 screenshots to compare Eclipse 1 and Callisto. I will probably use them in one of my slides. Its quite cool to look back and see what Eclipse 1 was like, and its still working fine and easy to use.

Eclipse 1



Blogger AlBlue said...

That takes me back :-)

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