Monday, February 20, 2006

Eclipse 3.2 M5

Eclipse 3.2 Milestone 5 was released just before the weekend. I haven't had much time to look into it over the weekend so it was the first thing I did this morning. There are lots of new nice and helpfull features available. I am impressed how everytime I download a new Milestone things still improve and new features appear. This is fantastic for experienced users. However I am a bit worried that at some stage "newcommers" will be overwhelmed by the functionality.

Nevertheless, I tested a few of the new features and here are my favorite 3:
  1. Generate hashCode() and equals()

    This new source action allows you to generate the hashCode() and equals() method for a class. You can select the fields to be inlcuded in the methods. Especially when having lots of fields, generating that code is so helpfull. And most of all you don't forget to override hashCode() when you override equals(), which still is a common mistake :)

  2. Variable name completion

    When creating a new variable and specifying a name the code completion will try and complete the variable name even if characters are typed that do not match.

    Example: String fMy is completed to fMyString

  3. Grouping problems

    It is now possible to group problems by different specifiers, e.g. by Java Problem Type.

Find out more about new features at the New and Noteworthy list and download Eclipse 3.2 M5 here.


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