Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheat Sheets in Eclipse

Cheat Sheets are an evolving technology in Eclipse, especially for companies that build complex products based on Eclipse. Cheat Sheets are some kind of "semi-automatic" tutorials that guide you through complex tasks of a product. Let's take the famous "Hello World". One example of a Cheat Sheet is, how to create a new plug-in that says "Hello World". The tutorial would guide you through the steps of creating, implementing and running the plug-in. Some of the steps, like creating a project, can be executed automatically.

Cheat Sheets are integrated into Eclipse as a view and hence can be read and performed whithout leaving the workbench.

I recently published a tutorial on how to create Cheat Sheets.


Blogger Gerd Castan said...

Yep, Cheat Sheets are very handy when I create my own plugin. When Cheat Sheets were invented, I immediately tried to create one for common tasks I did with Eclipse at that time. I had to learn, that almost all of the menu items I used as user, were tied to internal Actions and therefore were strongly for me. I gave up at that time. What's your experience? In which areas can I use Cheat Sheets beyond my own plugins?


11:14 AM

Blogger Gerd Castan said...

replace trongly by discouraged in my last comment :-)

11:15 AM

Blogger Philipp said...

Hi Gerd,

I totally agree with you. This is an area where the "reuse" does not work so well. I can name quite a few actions that I would like to reuse :).

There are a few reasons why developers discourage external access. Everything that is not discouraged is public and thus needs to have a stable interface, support and so on. Most of the internal stuff is likely to be changed every now and then which could result in API brakes for third party developers.

My recommendation is either to request the action to become public (open a bug) or to rewrite the code and see what of it can be reused.

I would appreciate thoughts of others here.

5:28 PM

Blogger Rob said...

I successfully created a cheat sheet in Eclipse using your tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to create it. However, after I tested my cheat sheet and it wouldn't appear in any other perspective? What am I doing wrong?


6:43 PM

Blogger Philipp said...

Rob, what version of Eclipse are u running. This tutorial was written vor the 3.2 and 3.3 release of Eclipse, I havent checked for the new Ganymede release though.

7:15 AM

Blogger Rob said...

I use version 3.2 I would like to write some tutorials (cheat sheets) of my own to help some of my colleges get up and running with Eclipse. Once they are created are they portable? Thanks!

11:52 AM

Blogger Roman said...

Im new to programming and made my first hello world trough the cheat sheet, where can I find a cheat sheet database?

1:33 AM


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